eHealth Solutions

Expanding the clinical research
through technology


Leading healthcare professionals
and industry to an improved
information context

About us

Committed to security,
innovation and quality

eHealth solutions

We develop technology platforms to manage clinical data from different approaches:

  • Clinical Trials (EDCs)
  • Health Information Management (EHRs, PHRs, ePROs, etc)
  • Mobile Health
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • MediSpaces (sites for Scientific Societies, eLearning in Healthcare, etc)

Quality assurance

We are certificated with two ISOs regarding Information security and Software maturity.

Also, our platforms are built over heathcare standars and fulfills the FDA and EU laws and regulations.

Healthcare expertise

Our strength and differential values are a result of our long and wide healthcare expertise, the commitment to safety and quality in our products and services and our innovative approach to the clinical information management.

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